What is the Jeep Wave Program?

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This program was started by the company behind the iconic Jeep brand, FCA US LLC, and it began as a way to recognize drivers who love owning and driving their new Jeep. The Jeep Wave is a defining part of the larger Jeep family, giving owners access to exclusive discounts on parts and accessories, special offers from partners of FCA US LLC, and membership cards to show they’re part of the club.

Benefits of Joining the Program

Members receive a host of benefits when they sign up with Jeep Wave:

Rental coverage:

  • Rental car reimbursement of $35/day if the vehicle is being serviced or repaired at an authorized service center.
  • Reimbursement also applies when a member is not at fault when their vehicle is involved in an accident.
  • This benefit can be used three times per year at a maximum.

VIP treatment:

  • Members receive priority scheduling with participating dealerships whenever their vehicles need servicing or repairs performed.
  • Exclusive discounts are also available to members for Mopar part and accessory purchases, along with select retailers like Tire Rack.
  • Access to special events and giveaways hosted by the company.
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and chat channels.
  • Emergency transportation receipts: Up to $50 worth of public transportation costs are covered if a member’s vehicle requires unplanned services while they’re away from home.

Maintenance service:

  • First three oil changes and tire rotations are covered during the first 36 months of ownership.
  • Specially-trained Jeep Brand technicians complete all needed services at participating Jeep dealerships.
  • li>Jeep Wave is the only program with no mileage restrictions.

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The Jeep Wave Program extends memberships to all purchased or leased Jeep vehicles starting with the 2021 model year. Select Jeep models and trims from 2020 are also eligible. Members must meet the following requirements to join the Jeep Wave Program:

  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • Sign up through the JeepWave page.
  • Join the JeepSavings Network.

How You Can Sign Up Today

In order to join the Jeep Wave Program, members must create an account and sign up online by using their member credentials and confirming their vehicle is from the Jeep brand. Once registered, members are well on their way to enjoying the perks of the Jeep Wave.

Sign up for the Jeep Wave Program today and reach out to one of our team members with any questions.