Here’s Why You Should Buy Certified Pre-Owned in Florissant, MI

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There are many reasons drivers look into certified pre-owned vehicles. These cars offer comparable benefits to new models, giving you an investment that offers you the lowest risk possible for the greatest potential reward.

We’ve rounded up some additional ways you can benefit from shopping savvy with your favorite certified pre-owned models—read on to learn more!

You’ll Save Money

Why buy certified pre-owned? Many will answer this question with the range of savings they were able to score, helping them to afford the vehicle, any relevant upgrades or other key items more easily.

The savings you get from purchasing a certified pre-owned model doesn’t compromise the quality you can expect, however. These cars are often backed by a thorough inspection and a manufacturer’s warranty to address anything you need in the early months of your driving experience.

You’ll Enjoy Lower Rates

Many CPO models offer lower interest rates, meaning that you’ll enjoy a lower monthly payment in many cases (even with $0 down!) Always ask your dealership about any available savings options. You won’t want to miss out on possible discount opportunities!

You Can Lease

Not sure if you want to go “all in” on a purchase yet? No problem. You can lease a certified pre-owned car — just let your salesperson know, and they can direct you to available inventory.

You’ll Likely Have an Extended Warranty

When you buy a CPO vehicle, you may have the opportunity to stack warranties (or extend them!) This applies to any original warranties (like for the powertrain) or manufacturer-specific bonuses. Be sure to ask your salesperson what you might be eligible for to maximize your benefit.

It’s Easy To See Why Buy Pre-Owned At Marty Cancila!

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